Best Anal Lube

A Girl’s Guide to 4 Premium Anal Lubes That You’ll Enjoy Using

When it comes to lubricants for anal, there’s the good, the bad and the sticky. Did you know that the worldwide market for lubricants exceeds $1.35 billion annually? That’s a lot of lube, and it doesn’t include the automotive kind! Just imagine how many bottles of mediocre, passable and not very good lubes are gathering dust and taking up valuable closet space everywhere.

Perhaps people buy so many tubes of lube because they aren’t satisfied with the products that they’ve tried. As a girl who loves the occasional anal dalliance, I was searching for the best anal lube that would feel natural but better. I wanted a personal lubricant that would make me wet and wild, not itchy or irritated. To get past the stickiness and sliminess of products that I had used, I made it my mission to find the most effective anal lubricant. Here’s what I discovered.

How to Find the Best Lube

Before my anal exploration, I didn’t know that there was a difference between vaginal and anal lubricants. I thought that they were all the same. During my search, I learned that anal lubricants are specially formulated in a few ways.

Vaginal lubes should be slightly acidic, but anal lubricants have a neutral pH. The best lubricants also have a specific osmolality that protects the tissue by providing a natural amount of moisture. Osmolality measures the concentration of a solution.

Ideally, lubes should be matched to their environment, so lubricants for anal and vaginal use naturally have different qualities in terms of thickness, moisture content and longevity. Water-, oil- and silicone-based products can all be appropriate for anal sex in certain circumstances.

How to Choose the Best Anal Lube

  • Water-based lubes are found on nightstands everywhere. They’re popular because they’re compatible with condoms, butt plugs and toys. I like them because I don’t have to worry about damaging an expensive dildo. That’s the main advantage of water vs silicone based products.
  • Silicone lube gives anal sex a naturally silky feel. It’s my favorite option because it never dries out or gets sticky. Silicone lubricants are safe for use with condoms, glass dildos and real penises. There’s a chance of silicone degrading certain lower-quality sex toys, but it’s ideal for everything else anal.
  • Oil-based lubes are underrated. They provide long-lasting lubrication that’s great when used au natural or with polyurethane condoms. These formulas aren’t safe for use with polyisoprene or latex, so make sure to check the packaging or directions for specific advice.

The Best Anal Lube in the Water-based Category

On the surface, it’s just another water-based lube, but this formula from Lynk Pleasure Products has a lot more going for it. It’s designed especially for butt play although it can be used for vaginal sex too. I love this one because it’s free from glycerin and parabens. It contains a simple combination of water and non-irritating cellulose-based thickeners. Thanks to its smooth feel and easy cleanup, this is my favorite water-based lube for anal. Because the large bottle is so economical, I can confidently say that this is the best lubricant that you can buy in the water-based category.

The Best Anal Desensitizing Lube

I definitely enjoy anal, but I sometimes have a hard time relaxing in the moment. Pain shouldn’t be the barrier to pleasure. For beginners and experienced practitioners alike, anal sex can feel strange or uncomfortable, especially at first. Loosening up and revealing a hidden side of yourself is part of what makes it such an intimate experience. I’ve found that desensitizing lubricants are very effective at minimizing discomfort as well as any fear of pain.

Like most anal desensitizing lubricants, this product contains lidocaine, an effective local anesthetic. For best results, apply the lube 10 minutes before penetration. That’s plenty of time to get the party started if you know what I mean, and I know that you do. Even the dentist doesn’t start drilling immediately after he gives you the anesthetic. Give it time to work. Passion’s maximum-strength anal desensitizing lube contains 3.5 percent lidocaine, which is the highest concentration permitted over the counter. A desensitizing lube can make your first adventure more pleasant or completely change the way that you experience anal sex. Trust me. It’s worth it.

Silicone-based Wet Uranus Lube

Wet is a brand that you can trust with your partner’s tush. For the past 30 years, it’s been consistently recognized as one of the industry’s best lubricant manufacturers. Today, the company makes two specially formulated anal lubes. There’s something for everyone whether you prefer silicon vs water based products. My favorite is the silicone Wet Uranus formula that contains dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol and phenyl trimethicone. It’s totally free from additives and preservatives, and it’s available at a competitive price when compared to similar products.

Best Anal Lubes Featuring Oil-based Ingredients

Experts are always ranting how oil-based lubes can’t be used with condoms, but that’s not completely true. While these products can damage latex and polyisoprene, they’re compatible with polyurethane. Oils make excellent lubricants for anal since they provide rich, long-lasting coverage. Vegetable oils, including coconut and shea, are ideal alternatives to silicone and petroleum-based ingredients. They’re safe for use anywhere on the body, so they can also be used for a special massage. Oil-based lubes represent a small fraction of the market, but my favorite one is Boy Butter, a hybrid oil-silicone lube that’s perfect for girls too.

Boy Butter Original Formula

Eyal Feldman has been slinging tubs of his signature lube dubbed Boy Butter since 2003. The formula combines hydrogenated vegetable oils with silicone to provide long-lasting lubrication without the messy cleanup. It’s pretty clear that Feldman has tested his formula personally and was pleased with the results. Although Boy Butter was originally marketed through fetish shops, it quickly earned many loyal gay and straight fans around the world. Boy Butter looks and feels like real butter, so it’s perfect for reenacting that scene from “Last Tango in Paris.”

Choosing the best anal lube is a matter of personal preference. Not every combination works for every person. Sometimes, you have to try something to know whether you like it or not. With the right formula, the next time that your partner suggests anal, you’ll be ready.