Hoverboard Amazon

A hoverboard makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. It’s an excellent toy for kids and adults alike. Before you buy a hoverboard at Amazon, consider these points:

  • Which features are most important?
  • What color would the recipient prefer?
  • What weight capacity should the unit have?
  • Will the rider want more or less motor power?
  • Will the hoverboard be used on paved surfaces or rough terrain?

Tips for Buying a Hoverboard on Amazon

Safety should be your primary concern regardless of the intended receiver. Compare models from reputable brands. Make sure that the product meets UL 2272 standards. Due to fire-related safety concerns that affected these products several years ago, all hoverboards on Amazon today have certifications from nationally recognized organizations. In fact, companies need to submit applications and safety documents before their products will appear in Amazon’s hoverboard categories.

Recipient-Specific Hoverboard Buying Criteria

With your recipient in mind, consider color options, weight limits, motor sizes and top speeds. Look for features that the recipient wants or would enjoy, such as Bluetooth speakers or off-road tires. Hoverboards come in a handful of colors, including pink, yellow, blue, lime green, black and white. Clearly, some colors are appropriate for different recipients. Hoverboards have minimum and maximum weight limits. Robust off-road hoverboards have larger motors, stronger frames and greater weight capacities. Check the unit’s power output, and make sure that the item is suitable for the recipient’s age and abilities.

Establishing a Gift-Giving Budget or Allowance

Most folks don’t have an unlimited budget, so it’s important to find a special gift that doesn’t cost too much. A hoverboard is one item that’s sure to impress everyone. You can buy an excellent hoverboard on Amazon for approximately $300, or you could spend several times more on a premium model.

Luckily, there are a few ways that budget-conscious family members and friends can chip in to buy a hoverboard from Amazon. You could create a gift list or collaborate with your group to purchase the hoverboard together. Shoppers can also grant a one-time gift allowance. This is the perfect option if you aren’t sure which hoverboard to choose or if you’re buying the item with several people who are contributing fixed amounts.

Amazon’s Hoverboard Warranties and Returns

Many hoverboard manufacturers offer non-transferable warranties. Gift cards and allowances eliminate potential coverage issues by ensuring that the recipient is the original purchaser. You could also buy a fully transferable extended warranty to go with the gift. If the hoverboard is defective, it’s easy to initiate a return. The recipient will receive a store credit equal to the purchase price. Amazon’s hoverboard return policy is outstanding, and the company has a zero-tolerance rule for unsafe products.

If you’re buying a hoverboard for yourself or for a lucky someone, Amazon is by far the best place to find top-quality brands at competitive prices. There’s only one problem. You’ll have to outdo yourself next year.